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Alternating Blue and Amber light

About one week ago RBS50 satellites started to blink LEDs alternating blue and amber slowly. No changes had been made. firmware was V2.0.0.74. Performance degraded and became spotty. 2 Satellites are upstairs and router (RBR50) is downstairs. All walls are BRICK !   We are in Europe. Performance was AWESOME the first 4 months. Now not so good. Any thoughts ?


One idea, I started running Amazon Drive uploading 70,000 photos, usually 5 connections at once with "unlimited" bandwidth setting enabled. Theoretically that means it would use a good chuck of the 250 Mbit service I have. However, all devices are experiencing issues even after I pause the upload of files. 

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Alternating Blue and Amber light

The lights indicate you have poor and varying signal strength between the satellites and router.  Brick attenuates WiFi sginals a lot, especially 5 GHz, which is used by the backhaul.


You should try moving the satellites closer to the router.


You could also try enabling "daisy chain" mode and moving just one satellite between the router and second satellite.


The firmware seems to have reduced the satellite-to-router range compared to earlier versions--probaly related to the fix to address stability issues some folks were having. You could also have a new source of RF interference in your environment.

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