Re: Android app access when connected via OpenVPN


Android app access when connected via OpenVPN

Hi there,

New to Orbi and this community.


Set up my orbi (+Satellite) yesterday. All set up fine and also setup openVPN access for some ios and Android devices which all connected fine.


One problem. I didnt want to enable remote access for the router due to security concerns but thought that if I VPN'd in from my android device and opened the Orbi app it would work. It offers the login screen but it wont allow me to login saying the login details are wrong but I am entering the correct login details which I checked a number of times via desktop access from a Mac.


Any ideas why this wont work as when Im VPn'd in technically Im on my own local network so the app should just login fine. The app works fine when Im connected via WiFi. Any ideas?


Many thanks

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Re: Android app access when connected via OpenVPN

Im answering my own query here for the benefit of others. Apparently (and I find this hard to believe)  but when you VPN into the Router via OpenVPN the router goes into AP mode and you cant actually use the Orbi app while its in AP mode?? I find that hard to believe...can others using in AP mode comment on use of the app in AP mode?

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