Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop


Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop

FW: V2.7.2.104  (newest according to updater)

Running router connected to a radio based ISP provider's modem, a cigarette pack sized, no brand-name-visible device that talks to the dish on my roof.  Really haven't had issues since installed last June.  Now I get  internet drop nearly every day.  Not a wi-fi drop issue as I have connected my computer via ethernet to the modem this last week and I still lose it.  A simple reboot of the Orbi fixes it, whereas a reboot of the modem does not.  Confirmed several times.    Solid green power light above the power supply port.


Not that I think it has anything to do with things, but the satellite is about 30' away and essentially line of site.  My nearest neighbors are several hundred feet away and there is no wifi 'noise' here in the boonies.  Just to be sure, I have tried changing channels per some recommendations, to no avail. I'm not locked onto channel 6 for the 2.4 band.  I'm not running parental controls, DMZs or anything other than a 'clean' system to the best of my knowledge.  Both my IP address and DNS address are dynamic.


I am within my 1 year hardware warranty, but of course outside the 'we'll talk to you and help you with our product' warranty.  Never have I encountered such arrogance as from Netgear an the concept of expecting you to PAY them more to diagnose a problem with THEIR hardware.  I'm supposedly getting a callback on Monday from a 'higher up' tech.  The open ticket is clearly coded to push problems like this to the back of their queue.  OOW - CX  (out of warranty customer in English....)


This Orbi has been a great system in terms of its coverage and simplicity.  However, just failing like this for no apparent reason (with LOTS of similar complaints on the web, for years) and then the miserable customer service is not acceptable.  


Does anyone have a checklist of procedures/settings to check or modify? Is there a known bad actor that can cause this?  Are there logs to check?  I confess to knowing enough to be dangerous, but certainly am not an expert on these matters.  I would prefer not to have to rely on Netgear to get resolution..... Thanks.

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Re: Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop

I just started experiencing the same kind of issues. The computer connected via ethernet maintains an Internet connection, but all those connected via wi-fi, while they have a great wireless connection to the mesh system, are unable to connect to the Internet. I've been working in the IT field for 27+ years and my thoughts are hardware related. All of my Orbi system is on firmware version V2.7.2.104. This has just happened in the past week and a half. I'm going to do a complete factory reset tomorrow, only time my network is free, and report my results here.



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop

There are multiple posts on the forum about Orbi routers losing the ability to resolve Domain Names starting with Daylight Saving Time last Sunday.  There is a great post explaining solutions that people are trying.  The latest "hot tip" regards turning off the Orbi Traffic Meter (in the Advanced Tab, Advanced Setup. 


My Orbi has not lost DNS for about 18 hours after deactivating Traffic Meter.


And, Yes, it is bizarre and totally unacceptable that Daylight Saving Time could result in a cascade of programming steps that would disable DNS resolutions.  You are already trying the first recommended solution (reboot the router).  Maybe one of the other easy steps will work for you (turn off DST, turn off Traffic Meter, etc.)

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop

While I am not on the computer all day long to know if the internet is dropping and recovering by itself, I am cautiously optomistic that the traffic meter and the daylight savings solutions along with using google's time servers has eliminated the problem.   


The bigger problem is Netgear's attitudes towards customer support. Never have I encountered a company that warrants the hardware for a year but will only talk to you for 90 days.  How does one go about getting an RMA for bad hardware without them troubleshooting on the phone with you?  They immediately tell you to buy the expensive support package or they won't talk to you.  Something changed on their end (update, bad DNS loookup, time, etc, who knows....) but it becomes the customer's problem.   I was promised a call back by a 'next level up' tech when I made that very complaint and it turned out to be a bold faced lie.  They sent an email reiterating the need to purchase the plan and then never made the promised call to me.  Lying to a customer is not a good business model.  I suspect that a lot of less self-sufficient or less knowledgeable people get conned into buying these service plans from Netgear.....  shame, shame, shame.




Just saw this on the thread I was learning from:


Engineering has determined that the issue is caused by the Traffic Meter. The quick workaround is to disable the traffic meter.

To disable traffic meter:
Access > go to ADVANCED Tab > Advanced Setup > Traffic Meter > uncheck Traffic Meter

Engineers are working on a firmware fix to be released.


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Re: Another Orbi RBK50 internet drop

Thanks...I wish the forum moderator woulkd have made this info a pin up.

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