Back to Orbi - for a friend. What is the best firmware version


Back to Orbi - for a friend. What is the best firmware version

OK. I had the Orbi and after several months of trying to get it to work through the various updates, I finally gave up and bought an Eero (which works flawlessly).  I gifted the Orbi RBK53, with an additional satellite to a friend.   My friend - whom I tried to help - couldn't make it work effectively, so it is back in my hands.  So, I'm trying to get this RBK53 fixed to a point where it is an actual working $499 router/satellite system, so that my son can use it. Because of my frustration with the Orbi and its nonfunctional updates, I gave up on the RBK53 several months ago, so I really haven't been following the forums.  Getting back on the bandwagon, I see several firware updates, all the way from (which appears to be the suggesrted version) to, which is shown as a previous version (what's up with that?).  Anyway, since I'm about to jump back into the fray, what exactly is the most recent stable version that I could try to make this thing functional again?  I still see these things selling at Costco and Best Buy, so something must be working.  Can somebody help me out and let me know what the latest usable versions for the RBK53 router and satellits really are?

Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Back to Orbi - for a friend. What is the best firmware version

The latest stable version is  No Ethernet backhaul and I believe no Circle parental controls.

The latest public beta version is V2.1.3.4. The links to this are in a sticky post.

Version is available, but NETGEAR says this has bugs affecting some users, so it was pulled from the auto update servers.


I've used Orbi in AP mode for 15 months with zero problems. I've used all of the above versions with no issues.  I'm currently using V2.1.3.4.

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