Circle enabled, internet go offline intermittently RBR50


Circle enabled, internet go offline intermittently RBR50

Does anyone having problem with the RBR50 offline intermittently when Circle enable ?


Symptom :

When Circle enable, devices went offline. I have checked devices, wifi icon is on but unable to connect to the internet.

ie. Checked computer, wifi icon still on and connected to correct SSID.  IOS devices appearred to be connect to the router.


After about 12 to 15mins internet back online again. This happened throughout the day.  For now I have disabled Circle and internet working fine without any disruption. 

The point is I want to use Circle 😞



Hardware :


FW : V2.5.1.16



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Circle enabled, internet go offline intermittently RBR50

Please post about this in the Circle app forum:


Disable circle as there has been long posts about circle causing problems. File a support ticket with NG as well to let them know.

Good Luck

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