Connection issues: Orbi RBK753 + Telekom Fiber Modem (Huawei EchoLife HG8010U ONT)


Connection issues: Orbi RBK753 + Telekom Fiber Modem (Huawei EchoLife HG8010U ONT)


Hi everyone, 


I'm hoping for some support on my new Orbi Mesh system. 


I have a new Telekom fiber connection. Confirmed with the Fiber Tech team it is reset from previous tenant and functioning on my account data. They see the connection as active to the modem. I see the modem as active too - solid white light.


My Orbi system is fully configured with router + 2 Satellites. These can communicate, but router does not get any signal from Modem (no DNS / IP data)


Internet connection is configured with username and password over PPPoE. With login in this format:


login: AnschlusskennungZugangsnummerMitbenutzernummer@t-online-de

Password is my "Persoenliches Kennwort"


DNS server, MAC address - set to automatic


VLAN Tag for Internet has been changed from 10 to 7.


My understanding is that I should see a successful connection, with an IP address assigned via Modem to the router (and satellites). I see the Connection data as empty,, and no DNS server. 


Telekom assure me everything looks correct on their end. 


Can anyone think of what else I might be missing?


Thanks in advance 


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Re: Connection issues: Orbi RBK753 + Telekom Fiber Modem (Huawei EchoLife HG8010U ONT)

Hello @Andrew-Berlin,


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