Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices



actually I'm a bit pissed. Have some problems with my Orbi and wanted to contact the support. But this is not possible as I'm not able to register my Orbi because I'm getting the following error: This Serial number has already been registered in our system by a support representative.


Is there a way to get support without registration?


Anyway, maybe you can help me out.


The router has the IP and the satellit To see the connected devices on the satellite I need to connect to it. This is sometimes not possible in Chrome I get err._connection_ reset.


If it is possble it seems, the satellite has problems to show the connected devices if there are more than 4 devices connect, because I only get the loading message and nothing is happening afterwards. On the router the list is also not complete then, it shows 12 devices while 17 are connected (the 5 connected to the satelitte are not shown).


FW is V1.4.0.34 on both, so the latest I guess (no updates available).


Next problem are my iOS devices. If they are connected to the satellit they constantly loosing the connection. The log shows reconnects every minute (sometimes twice a minute). I also tried to move the satellite to another room, but still the same. 


Does anyone have an idea how to fix the issues?




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Betreff: Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices

Hi Sascha,


after many investigations and tests I doubt that Netgear will be able to fix the IOS connection losses by a Firmware upgrade, as I believe this problems are related to the (some?) clients - this is also the reason why I returned our Orbi System today to Amazon Germany Man Embarassed


We also fighted this frequent connection losses with an Ipad 2 from 2011, a new IPhone 7 plus, as well the Amazon Echodot while hearing web radio...

It became more and more clear for me that some of our clients have problems with "WIFI roaming" in a single SSID, but mixed 2,4Ghz/5Ghz WIFI environment.


I changed now my local installation to:


1st floor: Router with 2,4GHz WIFI On, DHCP on (DHCP starting from IP upwards), SSID1 - (Routers fixed IP:

Ground floor: AP with DHCP off, fixed IP and hard wired to the router, 2,4GHz WIFI On, the same SSID as the router above.


WIFI roaming works now like a charm without any glitches while e.g. the IPAD is switching from the Routers WIFI to the AP WIFI, carrying the IPAD around from floor to floor....


Fortunately I was able to connect the ground floor AP by an ethernet cable to the router. Of course the Orbi is intended for situations where it´s not possible or difficult to draw a cable from the Router to the AP, but to bridge this distances wireless... but unfortunately it did not make the job for my Clients and final purposes...


Maybe you can check/test/confirm accordingly back...








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Betreff: Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices

Hi Sascha,


I have the same problems here with iOS devices. They keep loosing connection. 


We have the iPhone 7, iPad pro1-2 


they frequently loose WiFi 


Please solve this op I have to return the Orbi....





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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Betreff: Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices

Our engineers are aware of the issues with IOS devices and are working to correct the Issue. I do not have  a ETA on the fix or the firmware but will post once I know something.



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Re: Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices

Any updates here, things we're working fine for the past few months but any roaming around the house on a 2 unit one main and one sat Orbi setup Im having all sorts of issues with wifi now on my iPhone 7?
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Re: Connection issues to satellite and with iOS devices

I see that my Orbi's have updated to firmware anything you can share on this update?

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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