Disney Circle enabled on Orbi

Purchased RBK43 Orbi at Best Buy has an early Christmas present for the family. Watched Best Buy Orbi display and saw the Disney Circle feature which is something that I wanted and one of the reasons for my purchase only to bring it home and set it up only to find it’s not available. I think Best Buy and Netgear are falsely advertising something that’s not available especially during Christmas time. They put the carriage before the horses. I told assistant manager that Best Buy they should add a note for consumers but he told me that they are not allowed to touch the display. Now, I have no parental control and the one that come with Netgear Orbi is a joke. Very disappointed customer since it took me several hours renaming my devices. Wasted time
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Re: Disney Circle enabled on Orbi

This feature is coming very soon in a firmware update. 



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Re: Disney Circle enabled on Orbi

How soon is “very soon”
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Re: Disney Circle enabled on Orbi

@johnbendever wrote:
How soon is “very soon”

Hopefully right after they fix the stability problems that started with the release of the 1.10.x firmware back in June 2017.

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