Dropping Internet Connection

Purchased the Orbi RBK50 to replace my r7000, had zero issues for a good month. Now, the past few days I have had my devices hard wired into the satellite lose Internet connection temporarily for a second and then resume.

What would cause this? The Xbox and laptop are hardwired into the satellite and both lost Internet temporarily a few times this weekend. However, my iPhone (wireless) and android shield (wired into the router) did not lose Internet connection. Should I set a static IP address? Remove any QOS (don't have any set up currently)? Establish QOS? I wish I could troubleshoot it further.

The router and satellite are on separate floors, however they are directly above one another so I figured that would be the issue if wireless was the problem, but it shouldn't since the two devices that are losing Internet connection are wired into the satellite.
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Betreff: Dropping Internet Connection

There may be some disturbing factors.


The devices themselves are connected to the satallite, but the satellite is communicating with the router by wifi.


Have you run a wifi scanner to see what wifis are up and on which channels? Maybe some person has setup a wifi in the channels as the backhaul is using.

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