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Dynamic DNS hostname registration failure when using

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Just purchased an Orbi to replace my previous gen Netgear Router.  I manually entered all the same settings (that were applicable) from the old router.  However, DDNS does not seem to work whatsoever.  I know that I have the correct username, password, and hostname.  Yet, when I click on 'Show Status' - I get the error "No update action.  There is no IP address on the Internet port."  Yet, I do in fact have a WAN address.  My modem is in bridge mode and is passing the public IP perfectly fine.


Additionally, when I go to Administration -> Logs, I just see row after row of "[Dynamic DNS] host name registration failure <datetime>"


Just to make sure I didn't screw something up, I plugged my old router back in and the DDNS registered perfectly fine.  I suspect that the updater option on the Orbi is broken.


Other notes:

I've tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers

I'm on the latest firmware

Everything else seems to be working fine except RDP is blocked on the local network for some reason.


Side question - does anyone know what the difference between the RBR50 and RBK50 might be?  I have the RBR50, but the model field in this forum will only allow me to select RBK50...


Thank you!

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Re: Dynamic DNS hostname registration failure when using

I tried using the Netgear option for Dynamic DNS failed, I had to use the noip option. I didn't expirement with other options. 


I can help with the second part of the question, RBK50 I think is the "kit" (i.e. Router and Satellite together). 








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Re: Dynamic DNS hostname registration failure when using

Thanks for your reply!


I haven't tried the NETGEAR or noip options as I already have a paid account with dyn.  I guess I could at least try the trial period for noip...  In any case, this is the first of 3 netgear routers that I've owned that doesn't have a functioning DDNS with

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