Ethernet Cable Issue

Hi i have the RBS50 with extender and i have had to do a hard reset, now that i am trying to re configure it all, it is telling me: Check Ethernet Cable, makae sure that you plugged one end if the ethernet cable into the router's internet port and the other end into your cable port".

This is all done and still is wont connect and keeps saying the same thing, HELP please Smiley Happy

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Re: Ethernet Cable Issue

What modem do you have? 

Power off the modem and the router. disconnect all the cables from both (even coax from modem). 

Then connect coax back to modem. power it on. give it several minutes. 

Then connect the router back to the modem. power the router on. give it several minutes. 

Attempt setup/usage. 

CM2000-> RAX200-> GS716v2-> EX8000
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