Feature Request: Orbi Satellite Ethernet Backhaul


Feature Request: Orbi Satellite Ethernet Backhaul

Okay so I have an ORBI system with 2 satellites. My wifi signal is very inconsistent. I know now that ethernet backhaul is supported. Wanted to ask a question:


1. Can I use POWERLINE ADAPTERS (best ones on the market 1200mbps ones), to connect my ehternet backhaul through the powerline. Will it work for my 200mbps connection. So basically I'm going to take an ethernet out of the main ORBI router, into the first powerline adapter and then plug that powerline adapter in the power socket. Then I'm going to take the dual powerline adapters (one for each room) and plug them into their power sockets in each room and take the ethernet out of those and into the respective satellites.


Wiould this create a Strong ethernet backhaul and would this strengthen my weak wifi signal and give me better overall mesh performance with each room getting the strongest wifi signal available?


Let me know


Thank you


Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Feature Request: Orbi Satellite Ethernet Backhaul

It would probably work but we don’t recommend the setup. We would not have officially tested it



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Re: Feature Request: Orbi Satellite Ethernet Backhaul

I did something similar in the past, and it's _very_ dependent on the specific wiring in your home.


Bear in mind two things with Powerline:


- You're lucky to get a quarter of the rated speed, and

- The connection is stable but latency _will_ be high - there's no way to avoid this

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Re: Feature Request: Orbi Satellite Ethernet Backhaul

I tried this and didn't like it! The powerline simply couldn't consistently deliver the throughput I needed to be better than the wireless backhaul so even though it meant i couldn't have things placed exactly where I wanted them I went back to wireless backhaul. I used TPlink 2000 Mbps powerline. I do still use them to run from my very badly placed internet connection to the main Orbi placed centrally. I supposedly get an actual 1064Mbps on the powerline asccording to the TPlink monitoring application but my gigabit internet connection is degraded down to 200 because of the latency. If I can sneak it into the house without my wife seeing, I might get a second Orbi satellite and try daisy chaining instead of the kludge... but it does require some spousal slight of hand.

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