Features Needed for ORBI


Features Needed for ORBI

Features I want to see in Orbi: (sooner than later in order)


- With the introduction of bandwidth CAPS by most major ISPs, I want to see transmission by connected device to determine what or whom is taking up bandwidth. General bandwidth just isn't good enough and already have that monitored by Xfinity in my case. This would help in particular with TV's and devices where there is no possibility of connecting a software management/tracking tool. This would be a modification to the Traffic Control feature under "traffic meter"

- Ability to disable wifi for satelitte ONLY. I need the primary base to be able to talk to IOT devices. But, I don't necessarily need the satelitte beaming through bedrooms in the middle of the night. This would be a modification to the options under "traffic meter"

- QOS on attached devices. I know a pile of folks have requested.

- A useful remote management client for android. I want to be able to configure QOS and other features similar to PC client.


Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Features Needed for ORBI

I'd like the UI to be at least marginally on par with every other high end premium price wifi router. The UI is just embarassing and could have been hacked together by a high school intern over a weekend.


Fortunately, the performance of the Orbi makes up for that bad UI.  I'm currenlty running my Orbi setup in AP mode with my previous 5 year old wifi router it was suppose to replace, as the router since it's awesome feature wise in comparison to this brand new state of the art marvel. 

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Re: Features Needed for ORBI

I tend to agree on the UI and trade off with potential and exceptional MESH connectivity.  What really steered me away from others is reliance on cloud. No thanks. That said, ALOT of work still needed to make this feature rich and protected. The family features are quite fragmented and hoped for better as well.

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