Finding MAC/IP/Subnet/Gateway/DNS


Finding MAC/IP/Subnet/Gateway/DNS

I set up my Orbi system on Friday.   With my old router (Apple Airport Extreme) I had my TV hard-wired, so when I installed the Orbi I just connected that ethernet cable to the Orbi.   I just tried to acces Netflix for the first time since installing the Orbi, and I'm getting a notice that I'm connected to the wired network, but not to the internet.     My TV is asking for my MAC, IP, Subnet, Gateway, and DNS.    Where do I find those details for my Orbi?    Thanks.

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Re: Finding MAC/IP/Subnet/Gateway/DNS

Have you restarted the TV so that it gets this information automatically from the router?

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Re: Finding MAC/IP/Subnet/Gateway/DNS

You probably want those configured via DHCP, perhaps with an IP address reservation so the TV always gets the same IP. Then either restart your TV, if it's already set to use DHCP, or repeat the network setup, ideally with DHCP, or by manually configuring those. Setting it to use DHCP means you only need to configure all that (IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS servers) once, on the router, and it will configure all your other devices for you. If you want to do it all manually, see below.


To find that info on your Orbi, go to the configuration page, then Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup. Under LAN TCP/IP Setup, the IP Address will be your router's IP, which is what you want to put as the default gateway in your TV (or any other manually configured devices). Below that is the subnet mask, which you should copy exactly into the TV configuration. For the DNS, just put your router's IP again (same as the default gateway). Again, this will allow you to only configure it once, on the router, and let all your other devices use the router's configuration. If you really want to use an actual DNS server here, go to Advanced > Setup > Internet Setup and you can copy whatever's there. Or use some combination of Cloudflare ( or, Google ( or, Quad9 (, or other free, public DNS servers. I generally don't use the ones provided by the ISP, both for privacy reasons and because, in my experience, they (the ISP DNS) are less reliable than other ones. I don't know why your TV is asking for any MAC address, so I'm not sure what you should put there. My guess is that's the TV's MAC address, but you have the option to spoof it if you want? Probably just leave that alone unless the above still results in problems for you.


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