Generator on device list


Generator on device list

My generator shows up as Ring Doorbell. Is there a way to edit this on the devices connected list?
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Re: Generator on device list

Both the Orbi 'app' and the Orbi web interface Attached Devices allow the user to set the device type and name.

On Attached Devices, click on the name that is displayed and a panel will open where you can define the name, the model number, and select a device type from a drop down menu. Generator is not one of the choices.

On the app, press on the item displayed in Connected Devices to change the name and the icon that is displayed. Generator is not on that list either.


My guess is Smart Plug is the closest match.


Netgear has programmed the product to "make a guess" based on information it gathers from the network, and often the guess is wildly incorrect.

I love my Orbi.
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