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Help with Orbi Firmware updates

I just set up an Orbi Router RBR50 and two satelites today (one is RBS40 and one is RBS50).  I want to make sure the firmware is up to date.  Some posts seem to say firmware updates will be automatic others say you have to connect the satelites and router to a computer and do it manually.  My Router says the firmware version is and the Satelites say N/A.  Do i need to do the updates manually?  Do I have to install each update up to the current one or can I just skip to the current version  For the router there looks to be six firmware updates prior to the current one.  I sure hope the updates fix the frequent dropping problem.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Help with Orbi Firmware updates

Here is what I would recommend.


Manually update with the most current firmware, satellites first, then router.  You do not have to incrementally update.

Then Factory Reset all devices and setup again. Factory Reset does not wipe off the firmware updates, but does clean the slate of everything else that might be there and could cause issues.

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Re: Help with Orbi Firmware updates

Thank you.  Some novice questions.  Should I unplug all of the units and use my one computer that's connected to my modem via ethernet cable to do the updates or can I update the satellites connected to a computer that's on wifi while the main router is still running.  I ask that because the computer that is connected to the modem is pretty old and sometimes glitchy.  Then confirming the process is - I connect the units (starting with the satellites) to a computer via an ethernet cable, plug the unit into power and open the downloaded file on my computer and it will find the satellite to be updated?  And then when the update is finished I push the reset button on the back of the unit?  Do you have to hold it for a particular amount of time.  When it's time to set up again, do I start with the main unit and then plug in each satellite one at a time?  Do I have to follow the same sync process?  Thank you.  I don't want to miss a step.

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Re: Help with Orbi Firmware updates




Connect a computer to the Orbi's WiFi SSID or to the Orbi Router via an ethernet cable.  Have the computer in the same room as the Orbi router if using WiFi.  Its probably best to use an ethernet cable to the Orbi Router to be safest.


Log in to the Orbi Router ( by default is its ip address).


Go to attached devices and determine what the IP addresses of the two Satellites.


Log in to the the satellites via their ip address and same log in credentials as you use for the router. Or open the link to the satellite pages as explained in the above linked article about the router's firmware upgrade page.


Update the firmware via the satellites page.


Look in the lower left corner of browser (depends on browser/system) and should see the upload by percentage going to the satellite.  When it shows 100 percent, you are good, and can open a new browser tab and update your other satellite the same way, while the first satellite does its thing and reboots.


Once both satellites have rebooted, upgrade the firmware on the router.


Then and it is done rebooting, factory reset all units and setup again.  I would reset the router first, then the satellites.  You don't have to wait for the first to reboot fully before reseting the others, just reset one after the other, not pausing in between.



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