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How many clients?

In my experience with the Orbi routers: after 4 months of use the routers can't connect to the Internet anymore. I'm not using the Orbi's DHCP but my server's. In the DHCP I have made a specific restriction for his ip address. I have made a replication of my old's Linksys router. If I put the old router, it works well again and that is the solution for now... (we don't have support since it only 90-day support) 600$ for 90-days support seems ridiculous. We opt out of Linksys, we went with Netgear. But now I think I regret it. Enough with the rant...


Is there a limitation on the number of clients on the router itself? Since i'm not using his DHCP I don't think it should...


I saw other routers especially for entreprise which they clearly state that under their specifications.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: How many clients?

Hello BDTechies


There shouldn't be since you are using it in AP mode and using your own router to handle the DHCP.



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Re: How many clients?

Thanks... What I've done is simply a Factory reset and set everything back from scratch. And it works now. I'm still unsure of what caused this and I'm a bit a worried to say the least...

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Re: How many clients?

I have over 90 clients on mine, and it was fine, until the 1.11.x release of firmware.

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Re: How many clients?

What did that firmware do?

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