How to update firmware on Satellite that won't sync?

I've updated my router (RBR50) to V2.1.2.10 and it requires frequent restarts and often doesn't work... but ignoring that issue for now; the Satellite is currently doing nothing, it will not sync and it has a much older version of firmware.


How can I update the firmware on the satellite if I cannot sync or connect to it?



Model: RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: How to update firmware on Satellite that won't sync?

If you connect the satellite to your router via ethernet, I think it should get a DHCP address on your network like any other device.  You would need to look through the list of attached devices on the Orbi router (or on your main router if using the Orbi in AP mode) to find the IP.  Then if you point your browser to that IP, you should get the satellite web interface where you can upgrade the firmware.  I think it will let you do that even if it's not synced.

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