Re: I think I screwed up


I think I screwed up

I have an RBR50, RBS50 and RBS40.


I was having LOTS of issues so I decided to upgrade to the new officially released version.


However, I was having an issue getting login on the satalites and I couldn't get them updated first (which I know is the corrent method).


But, I reset everything a dozen times, re-synced a dozen times.. and nothing I did would get me access to the satalites, although they showed up in the device list of the router, the IP address would hang when trying to log in.


So, I took the chance and updated the router first.  and NOW I am screwed.  I still can't get to the satelalites.  I know one of the is working at least, as I have a device plugged into it and its actually able to be accessed and access the internet TROUGH the unreachable RBS50.

This is what I have in my router

RouterRBR50RBR50V2.1.2.18No new firmware version available.

Waiting for connection

Its been waiting a LONG time for a connection.


Is there a fix?  or I am toasted?


This WILL be the last time I go through this with Orbi... since getting the system in Nov, I have had nothing but troubles.


if I can't solve this, and it doesn't cause something else, its all going back or in the trash and I will be going to their competitor.


2 months of fudging with something that shoudl have worked from the start.


I am just about done

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Re: I think I screwed up

Just download both manually, V2.0.0.74 and V2.1.2.18, put V2.0.0.74 back in there by just going to the advanced tab then firmware update then update manually, once V2.0.0.74 is installed, go and install V2.1.2.18 on the Sat first and then on the main Orbi unit, it's been failing lately where the Sat stays in the older firmware and this of course causes issues.

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