Re: Is the backhaul 5ghz stronger than ordinary 5 ghz?


Is the backhaul 5ghz stronger than ordinary 5 ghz?

So my question is this;


I have the AC3000 system with 1 router and 1 satellite.


I have tried two placements so far and I'd like some input if I should add another satellite or not.


First setup:

Orbi router placed by my internet-box, and satellite by my TV 6 meters (20ft away). Connected TV, PS4, Receiver and UHD-player to satellite via CAT6.


This gave me decent performance for streaming to my TV (4K streams from plex and Netflix), but with some intermittent connection problems.

However my house bottom floor (185 m2 / 2000 square feet) had piss poor connection as both my Orbis where located at my top floor.



So I tried a new setup (2):

- Router in same location, but I moved my satellite to the middle of my house. Now my performance in the rest of the house is stellar (consistent 5GHZ connection), but my TV is experiencing some issues as it flat out refuses to connect to the 5GHZ network (closest orbi is the router 6m (20ft) away. This causes intermittent hangups in streaming once every half hour or so, and it buffers more than it did before...


I have tried to decrease the signal-strenght on my 2.4 GHZ network (tried 75, 50 and 25%), but this didn't force the TV over to the 5 GHZ connection either, and just limited the already poor 2.4 GHZ performance.


If I were to buy another satellite and place it close to the TV; would this (forced) 5 GHZ connection also be bad; since the Orbi refuse to accept a 5 GHZ signal from the TV at the same location, or is the backhaul-antenna stronger so it will be able to keep a decent signal anyway?


Would adding another satellite in such a small house (185 m2 / 2000 square feet) cause too much interference / hopping between orbis when moving around, or should I be fine with such a setup?


Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Is the backhaul 5ghz stronger than ordinary 5 ghz?

I believe that the Orbi backhual has a pretty good range. However I have a situation similar to you and having the Orbi so close cause the disconnect issue to appear for me. You can certainly try but when I did it seems to cause more disconnect. However that was before the newest firmware
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Re: Is the backhaul 5ghz stronger than ordinary 5 ghz?

Thanks for replying.


20 feet away is long enough that the the TV won't connect to the 5 ghz network at all, so I guess that distance between the router and satellite will be acceptable?

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