Jumping into a frying pan. Orbi connectivity issue and router meshing with orbi?

Succinctly, renovating house so we are moving in with in-laws for 6 months. They have an orbi router system with 1 satellite. The issue with the orbi is that between the orbi66 and orbi66-ext WiFi networks put out, the devices tend to latch onto the satellite network primarily. Even when I am directly in front of the main orbi unit, it still prefers to connect to satellite unit, and usually at that distance I’m getting low to no internet connectivity. What can I do to alleviate that issue? I though the orbi network was supposed to be seamless and only one network id. I didn’t set up the system. Any tips would be appreciated. Additionally, at my house I have the ac1200 router I’m using as an access point in my house over a Powerline adapter that works fantastically. I was planning on bringing it over to just use the Powerline to hook directly into the spectrum modem/router (the WiFi on this is turned off), however the thought occurred about trying to use ac1200 as an access point again at my in-laws to possibly help mesh with the orbi to extend range into the 1000 sq ft addition they added onto the house (done after the orbi was set up).
Again, any help is appreciated.
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Re: Jumping into a frying pan. Orbi connectivity issue and router meshing with orbi?

You raise several interesting questions.

  • Orbi and "single ID".  This is correct.  Orbi broadcasts one WiFi name (SSID) on both 2.4G and 5G channels.  Devices decide where they will connect.  There are some internet standards regarding how to choose, but devices vary considerably in how (or if) they implement them.  Devices designed to "roam", such as laptops and phones, often will switch from the router to satellite (and back).  Devices intended to stay in one place often attach to one access point and remain stubbornly on it.  You have hit one of the most common questions on this forum, "WHY does my *** connect to the wrong place?"
  • "AC1200" is a description of the "Theoretical speed" of a WiFi system, not a model number.  Please describe the product name rather than the speed.  For example, Nighthawk R7000 or Orbi RBR50.
  • Yes, you can attach your existing device directly to the Spectrum router (over Powerline if you want).  That will set up an entirely separate WiFi system that is not integrated with the Orbi.  With a 1,000 sq. ft. addition, this might be a really good idea.
  • One of the things people on the forum are sensitive to is having a "Double-NAT" (Google it).  That is, one router behind another router.  It works (I did it for over a year, and my guess is that 1,000's of other WiFi owners do as well.) But, there are specific situations where having two routers in a row is a receipe for disaster.  People post, "I can't get this (or that) to work", and the solution is to make one of the routers "no longer a router."
I love my Orbi.
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Re: Jumping into a frying pan. Orbi connectivity issue and router meshing with orbi?


The orbi main router and the satellite are running two different network names. Can I correct this somehow in the orbi app or do I have to plug into it directly to get to the orbi options to make it just one network name for both main and satellite?
The router I’ll be bringing from my home is the R6220. I apologize, when I posted it had me fill in the model but apparently never actually displayed it on the post. If I do the power line solution for the R6220, and I name the WiFi ID the same as the orbi WiFi ID, will that for all intents and purposes make it one “seamless” WiFi for the entire house?

Thank you.
Model: R6220|AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas
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