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On another router, my link speed on the 5 Ghz  network is always 867, yet on Orbi it is consistently 584. The Orbi router is located in the exact same location and the computer is used in the exact same spots as well. This is true whether the computer connects to the router or satellite. 


I have tried lowering the power from 100% to 75% to 50% and the results are the same. Router and satellite are about 30 feet apart through 1interior wall. Perhaps it's channel related? I've only tried using the default that I found after setup was complete of chan. 48. Lowering the power did allow the clients to "roam" between the router and satellite more equally though. Any ideas?

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Re: Link Speed

i will say syncing at the max 867 through a wall and 30 feet away is pretty dam good and i would expect less in the first place


why would both the router and sat be that far away , the idea of the orbi is to use the sat to get the signal closer to where its needed

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