New Firmware for RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite?


New Firmware for RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite?

Running Netgear Orbi RBK50 with an additional new, RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite.  RBS50Y shipped with firmware version  RBR50 and RBS50 units are both running the latest beta f/w

I've noticed that the RBS50Y unit works quite well upon being booted.  Wi-Fi clients roaming is fluid between units.  However, at some unspecified point, not long after the RBS50Y unit is powered on, it no longer seems to receive connected clients.  I'm able to verify this by connecting directly to the RBS50Y via web browser.

This behavior has been quite consistent since I've received the unit.  While it doesn't appear to be rebooting (per the /debug.htm info), and remains connected with a GOOD 5G status from the RBR50 status page, clearly something is buggy about the firmware.


Is there a newer/beta firmware available for the RBS50Y yet?

Model: RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: New Firmware for RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite?

Hmmmm, so they are using different (internal) hardware for these units?


I would have thought they would simply change the enclosure for the standard satelite....


This makes me want to try one of these even less (in addtion to the silly price).


Im more tempted to take a standard satelite and put in in an outdoor eclosure....

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Re: New Firmware for RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite?

Yes, it would appear they’re using different hardware or, at least, a different design considering the placement of buttons, the presence of LED lighting, etc.

Will be returning this this outdoor model if they don’t issue a firmware update within my 30 day return period.
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