New Orbi Router Now Google Home Can't see Hue or Chromcast

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New Orbi Router Now Google Home Can't see Hue or Chromcast

I purchased a new Netgear Orbi router to replace an old Cisco and now I've lost some hue and chromcast functionality that used to work.

My Google home is picking up wifi and works but when I try to control my hue it can't find the hue hub or bulbs. I can control the hue hub with the seperate hue app but google home no longer sees it and so I can't add any hue light devices in the Google home app. Tied resetting hub several times, no luck.

Also, I used to be able to tell google home to cast a show on Netflix to my TV and it would work fine, turn on the TV and play.

Now when I try to have google home cast to my chromcast it just says can't find tv. The chromcast is working and has a wifi connection and when I view it on the TV it looks good. I just can't use google home to have it play movies or music to it any longer. I can cast to my TV from Netflix and youtube with their apps and that still works.

I tried turning off the 5ghz band on the router, still didn't work. Also tried it with one orbi without the second unit, no luck either. Orbi is in router mode and not setup as an access point. Everything else works really well with the Orbi and it's super fast with great wifi coverage.

Windows 7
Android Phone
Orbi Firmware V1.4.0.34

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thx
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Re: New Orbi Router Now Google Home Can't see Hue or Chromcast

Even though I used the same SSID and password as my previous router I had to go through the setup process again for both of my chromecasts to get them working, I used the Google Home app on my phone to do so. 


I would assume the HUE is probably going to be the same situation.


Hope this helps

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Re: New Orbi Router Now Google Home Can't see Hue or Chromcast

I agree with Pathfinder - try doing a fresh setup on the devices, even though the new Orbi network credentials are the same.


I'm using an Orbi with multiple Google Homes (all of which always connect on 5Ghz for me), as well as a SmartThings hub and Hue bridge.  I have the ST hub and Hue bridge connected via ethernet to my Orbi satellite, and I've thankfully had no issues at all with any of those various "static" connections.

Maintaing a connection while roaming around the house with my iPhone has become a bigger problem for me lately, but hopefully that will get solved in the next Orbi firmware release 🙂


Good luck!

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