New orbi AC2200 RBS40 - bad power supply

I just unboxed a new Orbi system and struggled to get things going.  Turned out that the power supply on the satellite was working fine, but the router's was not.  Clear indication is the little green light above the DC power jack; it took me awhile to figure out that the router actually had this light just like the satellite but it was not on.   I switched the power supplies so that I am up and running with the router, but I have no satellite.   Ideally I'd like to avoid sending everything back, is there a way in which I can obtain a new power supply for my Orbi from Netgear?


Thank you in advance,

Brad Hontz

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Re: New orbi AC2200 RBS40 - bad power supply

You could try tech support I have not seen any power supply for sale by Netgear but one would think that you could get a bad power supply replaced for a product just out of the box.

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