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ORBI, How many satellites?

I have a FIOS Gateway in my 4-story townhouse, but with many connected devices (Ring, smart HDTVs, cell phones, PCs, network printer, Alexa deicies, tablets, etc.) coverage far from the Gateway (set up on my third floor) and on the decks is not good. I've puchased 2 extenders but I'm still having problems with my 2.4 ghz channel (might be due to the crappy hanoff between Gateway and extenders).


I have wired cat 5c outlets on each floor, but I'm trying to decide the best way to improve wifi.


ORBI looks promising - I was thinking about placing the main unit on the third floor with the Gateway and then placing 1 satellite on the 4th floor and the other on the 2nd floor (hoping this will provide enough signal on the 1st floor).


Is this reasonable?

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: ORBI, How many satellites?

Yes you may need to experiment a little with the satellite placements until you find the right coverage and if its still not enough you can add more satellites if needed.



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Re: ORBI, How many satellites?

Just a comment...if your current router is dual band, check to make sure your distant devices are in fact using the 2.4g band.  It may be that they are are the 5g which has the shorter range.

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