I bought the ORBI 22 in February and it's the worst $400.00 I ever spent. I should have just taken the money and thrown it in the garbage. I have to reset this router every half hour and the new firmware just made it worse. I have bought a lot of netgear products but this will be the last one. They have a terrible product and the support for it is just as bad. If anybody is looking to buy an ORBI do yourself a favor and buy some other product instead of this loser.

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Re: ORBI22

Hello Edmo1945


What issues are you having with the system is it certain devices having issues?



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Re: ORBI22

Dude, chill out a bit and maybe describe your issue.


First, there is no such product as "ORBI22" so I can only assume you're talking about RBK50 kit since that one costs between $350-$400. I know users here have had issues but your "reset every half hour" sounds like a hardware problem and nothing software would fix. Personally I've been running my RBK50 kit for 3 months and have had only a single issue which was the satellite dropping after a firmware update. This issue happened exactly 1 time and hasn't since.



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Re: ORBI22

@tomsliwowski wrote:

First, there is no such product as "ORBI22"........


I suspect the OP is referring to the AC2200 line given the numerical designation of "22" after "Orbi". Regardless....





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