ORbi not connecting to new modem


ORbi not connecting to new modem

Just switched my internet provider. They provided the new modem. I tried to connect and won’t seem to work. Worked just fine for my last modem. New modem is arris
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Re: ORbi not connecting to new modem

You're going to need to provide a lot more information than that to allow anyone to give you meaningful advice/assistance.


What model of arris?

Is it just a modem or is it a router?  Unusual for ISP to provide just a modem (here in the UK anyway).

Are you using the Orbi as the router or in Access Point mode?  I assume router as you refer to the arris as a modem.  Is this the same as with your previous ISP?

Have you accessed the modem's GUI and looked at the settings?

What troubleshoting have you tried?


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