One more time firmware RBR40


One more time firmware RBR40

One ome time on my console router I see a new firmware available (v. but if I check on Netgear support site, filtering on my RBR40 model, I cannot find that version; the last official version is which now installed on mine v.

The same for my satellite RBW30 as you can see into the attach.


Someone know if I can install this new version and explain me WHY I see this version available on console and the same version is not present on Netgear official support page related to my router obviusly?


Thank you and have a nice day.

Gian Maria

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Re: One more time firmware RBR40

Netgear is pretty sloppy about updating the web page for an Orbi "package" before updating the web page for the router.

Your new firmware is here: 


I am sure you are aware of the differing opinions of whether it is (a) desirable, (b) necessary, or (c) prudent up update Orbi firmware.


Good Luck

I love my Orbi.
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