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Orbi Backbone Password Generation

I have a two satellite configurations which is running very well getting very consistent speeds. I noticed the option to generate passwd for the backbone on the advanced options. Quick question to the experts: (1) does it have any performance implications ? (2) how "insecure" is it if I don't activate its generation - Iin other words what level of security exist in the backbone of I don't activate this option.

I am all for strong password and security but since my setup is running so well and I finished my setup at permanent locations and devices I am
a bit hesitatnt to activate the advanced option (which requires a manual sync) and I am a hesitant to alter the good setup that is working. have a fairly isolated environment with only three neighbors houses at hundreds of feet away so just needed addition info on how secure it is without activating the option. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Orbi Backbone Password Generation

The router and satellite ship with a default key shared between them.  If you want to change it (because you're paranoid and don't trust Netgear, or think another user has discovered the key and is snooping on backbone traffic), you can, and that's how (and why).  It doesn't change performance at all, just the key, which is randomly generated.


Unless you're genuinely concerned about someone sitting outside your home with a wifi capture appliance who's going to attempt to decode the wireless traffic transiting between your satellite and router to discover your secrets, I wouldn't bother.



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Re: Orbi Backbone Password Generation

Thanks very much - makes perfect sense so I will leave it like it is.


That is what I suspected but wanted to be sure that it was not completelly unprotected - given that the backbone is on the 5G band with limited range and that is already resonably protected I will leave it as it is.


In any case any important traffic is going to be encrypted in its own even if the raw traffic gets captured ... 


Thanks again for the response.

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