Orbi Firewall in AP mode? (related to wifi drops)


Orbi Firewall in AP mode? (related to wifi drops)

I have the RBR50 and an RBS50 satellite. I have become increasingly frustrated by the daily wifi drops...


I use Spectrum as my ISP, and have my Orbi setup in AP mode.


Currently, my modem/router (Technicolor) isn't in bridged mode (I cannot do it without calling Spectrum), however I have wifi off. Last night, I disabled the firewall on the Technicolor and it SEEMS TO HAVE ELIMINATED THE WIFI DROPS.


This may end up being a solution for many of you with drop issues. That being said, if my firewall is disabled on the Technicolor, is my Orbi providing my network with Firewall protection? I cannot find any settings that shows this functioning (or the ability to enable/disable it) on the Orbi.


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Model: RBR50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Router Only)
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Re: Orbi Firewall in AP mode? (related to wifi drops)

From what I have seen once set to AP mode all advanced settings like firewall, ect are disabled.

As a access point there would be no need to have a firewall this would be dealt with by the main router.
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Re: Orbi Firewall in AP mode? (related to wifi drops)

That is my concern, as I've disabled the firewall on the router to eliminate wifi drops....


Sounds like I need to turn the router firewalls back on for security reasons.

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