Orbi Jitter


Orbi Jitter

i have installed orbi last night and im abit miffed so far. 

i have RBR350 wifi6 with x2 sats, the house is concrete so this could have a part to play but currently everything is connected at 5ghz and the backhaul is good. 

when i do a speed test i get 500dwn which is good however the jitter jumps to 65-70ms then when i check again it drops to 2ms. 

this is big jump in the space of a few mintutes. 


i have arlo baby camera which is connect to satalite upstairs and the only way i can watch the stream without pixelation or disconnection is to be in the same room as the camara/connected sat or with me just using mobile data. when i connect to the orbi router downstairs the pixelation and disconection kicks in and i check and i have high or varied jitter (FACEPALM) 


can anyone shed any light im at a loss.



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Re: Orbi Jitter

Test the jitter with a hardwired connection to the router and see what you get. 

always worth checking its baseline.

If you get the jitter directly connected to the router, then connect a computer/pc directly to the modem and check it. 


what modem do you have? 


In terms of the Arlo baby camera. I can attest to it having issues. I've had 2x of them and had issues with both of them connected to Orbi's. I've actually talked to Arlo engineering about it because it was only while connected to Orbi's. It works fine on my Arris W31 and a tplink m9plus. But for some reason has constant video issues on netgear routers. Arlo engineering didn't ever give me an answer to why it worked fine on other device but had issues with netgear. Maybe some remnants of code from back when netgear/arlo were both together and they were working on integrating the 2 services so Orbi would act as a hub for arlo cameras. I can't honestly say but I wouldn't use that as a test for your jitter. 

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