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Orbi MU-MIMO Support

Hello. Is the MU-MIMO feature in the Orbi wireless system limited to the dedicated band between Router and Satellite only... or will the MU-MIMO feature also extend to devices that support MU... in addition to the isolated band dedicated to the router/satellite? In other words, with devices that have the ability to decode a MU-MIMO signal, will the Orbi also benefit these devices (i.e. - with MU-MIMO) while simultaneously dedicating a band to the Satellite, or do the remaining two bands, which support all other devices (minus the Satellite), revert to a SU-MIMO configuration?

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

Hello PDIGS44


Yes all devices with Mu MIMO support will benefit as it is on the router and all the bands not just the 1 to the satellite.



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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

Thanks again for your replies Darren. Much appreciated. Sounds like you guys (and gals) at NG hit the nail on the head with this system. Glad I pre-ordered. Man Very Happy 

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

just fyi here 


you need 2 or more mu-mimo clients to take advantage of mu-mimo , most of us dont have any mu-mimo clients yet 


tbh im not overly excited about mu-mimo as its benefit is quite limited with todays adapters 



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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

Someone else pointed out on costco review of the orbi that Beamforming nad Mu-MIMO are off by default?  Netgear, why have them OFF by default?? I just enabled mine and seems to really help!

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

the primary reason they are off is some clients are having issues with it on , if you dont have any clients having issues its fine to leave them enabled

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

checked with .18 firmware and stability of wi-fi connections with both iHome airplay devices and Nest Products goes from rock solid to intermittent drops for 1-2 mins at intervals of 1-2 times per day.  I'm shutting these off and crossing fingers.

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

So I guess the question then is WHEN can this be turned on?  I would love to be able to use Explicit Beamforming (tied directly to MU MIMO) however your present advice is dont use.   Is there a timeline when this will be working?

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

I've left Beamforming disabled and turn MU-MIMO on.  I don't see why they would both need to be set the same.

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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

There are two types of beam forming. Explicit and Implicit. Implicit is the old protocol (wave 1) explicit is the new protocol (wave 2) and is tied directly to MU MIMO. If you have that on then your device is running explicit. Turning on the second option in settings enables the older protocol. Used often to eliminate issues with smart devices etc. However Netgear is encouraging not to use MU MIMO also as explicit beamforming is also creating connection issues with smart devices (think smart hubs, lights nests etc). When I have either option enabled my Orbi begins disconnecting those devices and even the internet connection hard wired to my desktop two or three times a day. So my question to them is when will the explicit MU MIMO option work as intended.
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Re: Orbi MU-MIMO Support

im guessing it will be when the dev team figure out a fix for the apple clients ( and others ) connectivity issue , as the reason to turn both off is to help with the issues


and again mu-mimo is of little value to any one at the moment anyway as there are ni mu-mimo clients yet and even when there are mu-mimo clients you wont notice much difference if any in the day to day running of a home wifi system with its many clients


byw your understanding of explicit and implicit beamforming is a bit off track


implicit beam forming is where the riouter uses beamforming to help older non AC clients , eg wireless N and g etc and is of some marginal benefit as only the router trach the client device , the client ( non AC ) has no way of tracking the router position


explicit beamforming  is part of ( but not compulsury part of )  the wireless AC standard and requires both router and client to have it enabled for it to work correctly


however mu-mimo is not tieed to nore is it part of explicit beam forming and both work separtly and independent of each other

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