Orbi Mesh satellite connection via ethernet


Orbi Mesh satellite connection via ethernet

I've just purchased an Orbi RBK23 system. I've tried to set it up but one of the satellites will not connect to the router - presumably because the satellite is on the floor below the router and my house has 3' thick stone walls and concrete floors.

I am able to connect the satellite to the router via cable, which I would prefer to do as my internet speed is only 12mbps. Is this possible and can I do this during setup? Any help on how to do this will be much appreciated.
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Re: Orbi Mesh satellite connection via ethernet

yes you can hardwire in the satellites.


If you have 3ft think brick/concrete walls/floors, that'd be your best chance. Nothing is going to penetrate that. Well done. 


In the future,you might get better help in the orbi forums instead of the mobile router forums.

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