Re: Orbi RBK40 broken by latest firmware V1.12.0.18


Re: Orbi RBK40 broken by latest firmware V1.12.0.18


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I appreciate your post and no offense but it made me laugh out loud. It is sadly funny to suggest I spend more money and time to fix what is advertised as a simple, high end wifi system that should do what it claims it can do.  I really don't think it is too much to ask after paying $300+ that the product actually work as advertised.   You should do an experiment and unplug everything, set it back up as just the Orbi system functioning as a router from your modem, then see how well it works.  Oh and to your comment previously that I have not elaborated on the problems I have been experiencing, look at several other posts.  I have explained it in detail.  Again, appreciate you offering what I know would be a solution but I am done screwing with Netgear.  What I am going to do is have my buddy that works for Cisco use his employee discount and his skills to set me up a professional grade wireless network that is proven to work.  

It's not a silly suggestion to buy a $50 Mikrotik or Edgerouter and use it with Orbi. Orbi has very limited router features, so the router would not be wasted money.


I already had an enterprise-grade router when I bought Orbi. I needed features Orbi doesn't have, so I never ran Orbi in router mode for more than a few minutes. I doubt I'll ever do the test you suggest, because I'll probably never use Orbi that way.


I actually looked through your posts to see if I could determine what your issues were. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see where you started a thread and summarized your issues and configuration all in one place.


Good luck with your Cisco. I hope it works for you.



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Re: Orbi RBK40 broken by latest firmware V1.12.0.18

Should have bet you on that.

However, it does appear that they're going to release an update very soon - perhaps this week.

@YabbadabbaDoooo wrote:

I will bet you money that you just haven't received it yet.  Nobody has every implied Netgear could selectively send FW updates to specific models of their devices.  If that was the case, I never would have received 1.12..0.18 since the release notes said it was all about the RB50 models (AC3000).  It goes back and forth. Break one, fix the other, fix the other, break another.  Good luck when it comes to you.  Even if it doesn't, without an ability to stop auto updating, you can be sure one of them will surely screw your system.


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