Orbi RBR 20 faster without the satellite?


Orbi RBR 20 faster without the satellite?

Just updated firmware. My Orbi router is on one side of my home on the second level and the satellite is in the middle of my home on the main level in order to extend it the whole house. They are approximately 40’ apart with one wall in between. Back channel is 5ghz and connection is “good”. I have an Apple TV on the far side of my house away from the Orbi router. It connects with good signal and Speedtests around 50-70mbps. It used to connect at around 200. So I unplug the satellite that is closer to the Apple TV forcing the Apple TV to connect all the way across the house and through a floor. The speed jumps to 215mbps. What is going on here? How would a mesh network satellite slow it down. I can duplicate this every time.
Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBR 20 faster without the satellite?

The speeds you are stating make me think you are connecting 2.4GHZ to the satellite.

So can you check when you are connecting to the satellite are you 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz.

Have you tried changing channels to see if maybe there is interference around the satellite?

Can you forget the WIFI on the Apple TV and then reconnect to it? I had issues with some devices supporting 5Ghz but kept connecting 2.4Ghz. Once I forgot the network and re signed in, it corrected itself. 

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Re: Orbi RBR 20 faster without the satellite?

Another thing to keep in mind is the orbi devices do bandsteering.

If the apply tv doesn't need a 200mbps connection and 50-70mbps meets all its needs, the orbi might be placing it on the 2.4ghz and steering other devices to the 5ghz. 

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