Orbi RBR20 Connected, no internet


Orbi RBR20 Connected, no internet

Did the firmware update two days ago and no longer have internet connection throught Orbi network.  Have tried rebooting and setup process with no luck.  Not sure how to fix.

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBR20 Connected, no internet

  1. Is Orbi operating in Router or AP mode?
  2. Do you have the issues with wired as well as wireless devices or only one of them?
  3. Do you see the issue with devices connected to Router as well as devices connected to the Satellite(s)?
  4. If you connect a device directly to the ISP modem does it work?
  5. Are you able to reach the web GUI by browsing to or from a browser on a computer?

My Setup Internet Fiber ONT 250↓/250↑ISP Telenor | Wifi Router Orbi RBR850 + RBS850 + 2x RBS750 + 3xRBS350, Wired/Wireless BH / Orbi RBR50 + 6x RBS50 + RBS40V + RBS50Y, Wired/Wireless BH | Switches NG GS208Time Zone CET (Sweden)

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