Orbi RBR20 suddenly not connecting to internet

Orbi RBR20 with 2 sattellites purchased 10/2018. 

Connected to an Arris SB8200 DOCCIS 3.1 modem (installed 08/2019). 

Cox ISP.

Came home from work today to find no internet connection. Wifi works (devices connect, can print to wifi printer etc.).  "Purple" light ring on the router.  Orbi app shows satellites and connected devices, but "no internet".  Amazon FireTV connected via ethernet to port 2 on the modem with no issues.  Anything plugged directly into ethernet ports of the modem work (FireTV, Xbox, Laptop) EXCEPT the Orbi.  So the issue seems to be the ORBI and not the modem or ISP.

Tried the other port on the modem, no good. 

Swapped cables with the other working devices, still no good. 

Reset the ORBI 4x, and cannot proceed through the setup wizard as keeps showing "no internet connection". 

Only odd thing that I can see is that all "working" devices have an orange light flashing next to the the ethernet port when connected to the modem.  The ORBI has a green light flashing regardless of which of the 2 ports I connect it to on the modem.  Any ideas? 

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBR20 suddenly not connecting to internet

Unless you have specifically subscribed to some sort of enhanced (more costly) service, only one of the Arris ethernet ports is going to be working.


My assumption is that you are testing by unplugging the Orbi and plugging other devicesto the jack where the Orbi was connected.

The ethernet ports on the back of the Arris use color to indicate the speed of the connection: Green for Gigabit, Amber for 10/100mb.

(See page 13 of the manual )  I sincerely wish Netgear had put LED's on the Orbi ethernet ports.


This appears to indicate that the modem detects the Orbi connection.  You have already done the logical first step: to confirm that the modem is working.  My next step would be to power off the Orbi and modem, power on the modem and let it go through the usual startup until all the lights are correct, then connect and power on the Orbi.  If the Orbi top ring does not "Turn Blue", then get out the paperclip and perform a "Factory Reset".



I love my Orbi.
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Re: Orbi RBR20 suddenly not connecting to internet

Thanks for the quick reply.  Wasn't sure how much to post so I left out that I tried various power cycle options.  Everything off, then modem on, then Orbi on.  Modem on while resetting Orbi.  Modem off while resetting ORBI, etc. etc.  I'll try again.


As for the dual ethernet ports on the modem, I was surprised that they were both actually active as my research showed that most ISPs won't do that.  When I installed the SB8200 in August I asked the Cox rep after the modem was activated, who stated "both ports are active, plug in whatever you want, no extra charge" And it HAS worked.  For the past 2 months, the ORBI has been plugged into port 1 without issue.  My FireTV (with ethernet adapter) has been connected to port 2 without issue.  I'll occasionally disconnect the FireTV and plug my laptop into port 2...again, no issues.  Strange but true.

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Re: Orbi RBR20 suddenly not connecting to internet



After multiple power cycles of the Arris modem and the ORBI, everything came back up.  However, the router periodically drops the internet connection (once a week or so).  This seems to be corrected by turning WIFI off and then back on on the specific device.  ie. FireTV connected via WIFI will sometimes show "Home is unavailable, no internet connection"  a power cycle of the FireTV gets it back.  Same for IPhones and laptops. turning off the WIFI on the phone/laptop and turning it back on seems to work. So it looks like the ORBI may be losing the internet connection for brief spurts.  Not sure what to do but just deal with it at this point.


Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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