Orbi RBR50/RBS50 configuration issues/Duplciate IP's-DHCP/Static/Address Reservations


Orbi RBR50/RBS50 configuration issues/Duplciate IP's-DHCP/Static/Address Reservations



I am having a multitue of problems with our Orbi RBR50 and RBS50 and to begin with, both have the firmware updated to latest version V2.0.0.74 which once done as soon as it was available. (See #7 below)

1. When doing minor configuration changes, the RBS50 goes offline and then I have to add it back on the network each time.

2. I do static and DHCP IP's for devices, but DHCP duplicates the static IP's on occassion.

3. Im trying to do "Address Reservations" for all DHCP devices to circumvent the duplication problem, but the RBS50 crashes each time and I attempt to re-add it back on the network but to no avail. I have set it back to factory default so the RBS50 will be clean, but it works until I add an IP reservation. I was able to add 5 separate reservations, and all have worked except one, which is holding the old IP and wont release. But I need to add at least 10 more devices to hold the IP as I've assigned them. (See #5)

4. The distance between to the router and the satellite is approx 40 feet and it goes through a single wall and the stairware is open, when the satellite is off, the signal strength at the satellite location is very strong on my devices, but we have at an ideal ocation so we can sit outside in our backyard and get a good signal from the satellite when its working properly. It works best when the DHCP is on however the IP's are always changing which creates the dupliate IP's.

5. I created a Excel spreadsheet to setup a logical IP system so I can put maintain devices within an IP range: such as, Apple devices within a range, my sercurity cameras within a certain range, my wireless devices within certain range. I've done that to keep control of what goes on my home network and keep tabs on it. DNS

6. I cant turn off the DHCP once the devices are all attached as then whe the lease runs out it assigns a new IP, but that why Im trying to do the Address Reservation as then the device keeps the assigned IP's as I've assigned them. But beause the satellites goes off-line, I cant complete the reservations.

7. Not sure if the firware update is causing the issues as I've read other people in the blogs are having issues after the update.....


Im looking for any help or ideas to fix the problem. My Orbi system is past the 90 day window for Netgear help and I'd rather not spend the $$ for their help, as I trust the community here for direction and help.


Thanking you all for any help you can offer!!!!

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi RBR50/RBS50 configuration issues/Duplciate IP's-DHCP/Static/Address Reservations

I would suggest you move your satellite closer to your router.  It sounds like you may have poor connectivity between them causing the disconnects.


I would also suggest you manually configure all your client devices to remove any statically-set IP addresses on your devices, set your devices to use DHCP, and allow Orbi to manage all your IP address assignments. This will ensure there are no conflicts.


If the IP address reservations are causing you issues, get rid of them until you get things stable, and try to add them back later.



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