Orbi RBR50 satellite only giving me 1/10th internet speed


Orbi RBR50 satellite only giving me 1/10th internet speed

I pay for ATT fiber which is 1000 mbps down. When connected to the orbi satellite with a cat 6 cable with the orbi router also connected to the modem (Arris BGW210-700)with a cat 6 cable i'm getting only 120 mbps down. Wifi speeds are the exact same. Router ports are set to 1G Full duplex, and Windows shows a 1.0 gbps connection in adapter properties. I'm curious as to why i'm not getting at least 800 down considering i'm connected directly to the satellite with a cat6. The orbi is in router mode and i've tried all the solutions to somewhat similar problems on the forums such as disabling daisy chaining and what not.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBR50 satellite only giving me 1/10th internet speed

Your modem already has a built in router. 

This would be a double NAT condition which isn't recommended.
Couple of options,
1. Configure the modem for transparent bridge or modem only mode. Then use the Orbi router in router mode. You'll need to contact the ISP for help and information in regards to the modem being bridged correctly.
2. If you can't bridge the modem, disable ALL wifi radios on the modem, configure the modems DMZ/ExposedHost or IP Pass-Through for the IP address the Orbi router gets from the modem. Then you can use the Orbi router in Router mode.
3. Or disable all wifi radios on the modem and connect the Orbi router to the modem, configure AP mode on the Orbi router. and

i recommend trying option #3 first.


What is the distance between the router and satellite(s)? 30 feet is recommended in between RBR and RBS to begin with depending upon building materials when wirelessly connected.


You'll not see much speeds over 400-500Mpbs on AC. Depending upon designe and support of the wifi adapter or device. Wired LAN cable speeds should be near 900Mpbs at the RBR. 


ATT Modems:

My Setup (Cable 1Gbps/50Mbps)>CM1200 v2.02.03(LAG Disabled)>RBK853 v3.2.18.223/SRK30 V3.2.33.106)
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CAX80/CM2000, Orbi CBK40, RBK50, R7800, R7960P, EX7500/EX7700, XR450(v2.3.2.120) and WNHDE111
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