Orbi RBS20 connected to RBR50 lags when connecting to a new site

I have connected a RBS20 Orbi satellite to my existing Orbi network comprising of a RBR50 Orbi router and RBS50 Orbi satellite. 


Devices that are connected to RBR50 and RBS50 respond fast as expected, but devices that are connected to the new RBS20 Orbi satellite seem to stuggle to load data. When I look at my router speed, it shows 93.2 mbps download and my devices connected to my RBS20 show a connectivity speed of 400 mbps.


The RBS20 is about 10 meters (30 feet) from the RBR50 with 3 drywalls in between.

What could be going on here. TIA for any help.


Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBS20 connected to RBR50 lags when connecting to a new site

What Firmware version is currently loaded on the 50 and 20 series units?
What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?


What channels are you using? Auto? Try setting manual channel 1, 6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz and any unused channel on 5Ghz.
Any Wifi Neighbors near by? If so, how many?

Try enabling Beamforming and MIMO(MIMO may or may not be needed) and WMM. Under Advanced Tab/Advanced Settings/Wireless Settings


Try disabling:
Armor, Circle, Daisy Chain, Fast Roaming, IPv6 and Set 20/40Mhz Coexistence to 40Mhz only. Set Short preamble instead of Long preamble modes. Save settings and reboot the router and satellite(s).


One User Experience/Configuration:

My Setup (Cable 1Gbps/50Mbps)>CM1200 v2.02.03(LAG Disabled)>RBK853 v3.2.17.12
RBK50 v2.7.2.104(WW) Circle Enabled
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CAX80/CM2000, Orbi CBK40, R7800, R7960P, EX7500/EX7700, XR450 and WNHDE111
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