Orbi RBS50 Satellite LAN Ports not working with static IP

Just set the system up system and upstairs I conencetd my desktop system to one of the avialable LAN ports on the RBS50 Satellite.


It world gtrat as long as I have DHCP activated on my desktop.  However, when I assign it a Fixed IP address, it can not longer connect to the system??


I have changed the RBR50 to only assign DHCP addresses from .150 to .254 as I used fixed IP's for anything below


My systems that are connected to the LAN ports on the RBR50 that are static IP'ed work great as well as any WiFi system that is Staic IP as well.


However, as soon I change my desktop upstairs to a static IP of it fails to connect...




Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi RBS50 Satellite LAN Ports not working with static IP



yes i can replicate your issue as the same happens here but the work around is to use the reserved ip address from the router instead of static ip


go to advanced / setup / lan setup


add the ip addresses of the devices you want to have the same address everytime into Address Reservation

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Re: Orbi RBS50 Satellite LAN Ports not working with static IP

OK this works as a "Work Around" yet is not a "solution" for the root cause of the issue.


I hesitate to click the solution button as then this might give any Netgear support person the idea that there is 'not' a problem that still needs to be resolved.


I am now having yet another issue that I believe I'll need to opena new thread on that is also related to these satellite units and their direct connected computers....  My Epson Work Force printed that is connected to WiFi no longer can see my computer that is directly connected to the satellite.

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