Orbi Router Secure Login


Orbi Router Secure Login

How do you set up secure login (https) on the Orbi router? (from the LAN side)

https does not work right now and does not work either (contrary to another thread that says it would). sends me to a webpage that says: "it looks like you are not connected to your Orbi's WiFi network" when I am (I validated that my PC is indeed in the attached devices in the router, connected via one of the satellites), so I do not know what to do from there...

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Re: Orbi Router Secure Login

Might need to "clear cache".  These URL's access the Orbi secure web site from the LAN for me:


In all three cases, the web browser complains about the connection being Not Secure. This is because the SSL certificate is "Self Signed".  Ignore the warning and the browser will remember that for future access.


I am no expert in SSL certificates.  Netgear had an official SSL certificate that covered a bunch of domain names, such as,, etc. etc. and in August that summer, the certificate lapsed.  Since Netgear has never provided an explanation, I have two guesses:

  1. Netgear forgot to renew the lease, and when they went back to do so, they were not allowed to, or
  2. SSL certificates are not intended to certify that thousands of web sites around the world not owned by Netgear are guaranteed to be  "Netgear".

Anyway, secure (in the sense of encrypted) web access to the Orbi is provided, both on the LAN side and the WAN side.

I love my Orbi.
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