Orbi Router status goes offline and online (Orbi AC3000)


Orbi Router status goes offline and online (Orbi AC3000)

My setup:

- Orbi Router Wired to an Arris Modem (Not a Modem router combo) in the upstairs office

- Orbi Satellite In the living room

- 950sqft Apartment



NetGear Orbi AC3000 RBR50 Tri-Band

Firmware: Latest Version 2.5





I recently purchased the Orbi thinking that I could use the satellite as a way to run a wired ethernet connection to my devices in my living room. I live in a 950sq ft. Apartment. To setup the router I used the Orbi Application on Android. The problem that I continue to have is that my Orbi Router, on the app, is showing its status as going offline and online repeatedly. For example, it will show as online for about 5-10min and then refresh and show as the status being offline.  However, even when the application is saying that my router is going offline, I still have an internet connection and can run a speed test on all devices. This seems to be a very strange issue as I have not been able to find another post from someone with this problem. This issue even happens when I unplug the Satellite and only run the Router. I would very much like to take advantage of the Satellite but im not sure that plugging it back in may make the situation worse.

This issue is troublesome as it's a very expensive router and I would like to be sure that my internet connection is absolutely stable. I really hope that I'm not missing something simple here. 



Things I've Tried:

- Factory Reset 3 Times and repeated the installation process

- Called Netgear and was told to just disconnect the Satellite and use the Router since I have a small place because the satellite and router might be causing interference (This is unlikely as it still happens with the Satellite turned off)

-Tried to reduce Transmission Strength on 2.4 and 5ghz bands and problem still persists






Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi Router status goes offline and online (Orbi AC3000)

Do you have something with a bigger screen that can open a web page?  (i.e. tablet or laptop?  Phone screens are so small that using them on a web interface is frustrating.)


If you browse to, it will bring up the Orbi web interface.  Either the Basic Home Page or the Advanced Home Page will show the Orbi status.  (words on the basic screen.  check mark on the advanced.)  When the app says the Orbi has lost connection, what does the web interface show?

I love my Orbi.
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