Orbi Satelittes


Orbi Satelittes

Currently have the RB50 router and 2 RBS50 satelittes. I live in a 3 story townhouse with walls like faraday cages. I swear Superman himself could not see through our walls. Anyway I recently bought a RBS30 wall plug to fill a small dead zone however the connection to the router, only 30 feet away but upstairs simply cannot get or hold a good connection to the router. It will work for a while but eventually drop off. Connection on the web interface is never better than poor.

What I'm wondering is if the RBS40 and the RBS50 have the same connection distance in terms of reaching the router? Or does the RBS50 being more powerful and have twice the backhaul pipe. 


Anyone know?

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Re: Orbi Satelittes

As I understand this chart, the RBS50 has better antennas (4x4 vs 2x2) than the RBS40 and so I would expect it to do better.



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Re: Orbi Satelittes

 your building materials are thick and heavy, this will have issues with any 5Ghz radio. Due to high frequency of 5Ghz, building materials of any kind impact 5Ghz. Nature of the beast. If your getting some signal, i would move the Satellie closer to the router as possible. 


In cases like building materials having a big factor, you should concider puttin in some CAT6A lan cabling either in wall or cieling from the router area to the remote area. Then you could use this as your back haul for the Satellie and mostly be a remote AP. Seems like you need to get some wired connections in place as a suggestion. 



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