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Orbi - Severe​ Lockups / Drops WiFi & Satellites (v1.10.1.2)

Orbi RBK53 WiFi - Firmware: v1.10.1.2 - All Devices, All OS's - Single Family Home w/ No Interference

Looks like I'm having similar issues to many with the new firmware ... WiFi is dropping both the satellite(s) back-haul channel and all WiFi devices every 10-15 seconds. I can literally see them popping on and off the 'Attached Devices' listing. It was somewhat unstable with the previous firmware revision, but nothing to this degree.

This is VERY frustrating, to say the least. I'm a computer / network engineer by trade -- so having this happen at the house is unacceptable. I was literally up until 2am last night trying various combinations of settings / resets / firmware re-flashes in an attempted to get stability settled in. Even tried moving the router/satellites around physically in last-ditch efforts. No-go. I'm considering a firmware downgrade just to have something - even at the risk of bricking the devices. This appears to be a hardware issue (not sure firmware will eventually fix this). The satellites have plenty of airflow and are in line-of-sight of the base router (also out in the open).

Since I'm on Layer3 TV, this also limits my ability to watch / DVR anything. The kids are not happy! The wife is very not happy!! I'm second-guessing any technical accumen I thought I had.

Luckily, I kept four nodes of a ten node Plume WiFi around ... I was able to reattach those to my router (Gigabit-speed Fios) this morning -- at this point, I've just cut power to the three Orbi units; they are only useful as paperweights right now. At least I have rock-solid network stability (and TV!), albeit at a reduced speed vs. Orbi, with the Plume mesh.

I've never returned something within a week or two of purchase - I always try to give the benefit of the doubt and work through technical issues (and be patient). But this is one of the most frustrating issues I've ever encountered -- I'm leaning toward taking these back to Costco for a $499 refund before battling much longer. Maybe I'll give eero a shot; I can always stick with Plume as a reliable (slower) backup option.

Orbi - I really, REALLY want to like you ... You have a nicely designed, elegant product which even my wife doesn't mind having out in the open. When you were working - you were FAST! Over 500 Mbps down / 400 up all over the house... Then you starting losing speed and randomly locking up. I was excited to see a new firmware last night, I anticipated some improvement. Now I'm just heartbroken. =(

Crossing my fingers that something will change between now and Saturday - or else Costco, here I come.

I'll keep everyone posted - and at least try a few more troubleshooting sessions, before I throw in the towel.

Very respectfully,
Luke P.
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Re: Orbi - Severe​ Lockups / Drops WiFi & Satellites (v1.10.1.2)

Orbi has so much potential but I am afraid like you that it is a hardware issue. I think the drops are going unnoticed for some users because of buffering in things like Youtube that cover up the issue. I have yet to see someone post the graph of a backaul signal that doesn't look like an EKG. Placement location makes no difference, you can unplug the satellites and the router will still broadcast the backhaul and drop it every 5-10 seconds. I'm past the return period and hoping for a miracle. 

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