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Orbi Team Contact Information

Hello All (Darren),


Is there any specific phone number or email address to management to help us put pressure to dedicate more resources to the Orbi line of products?


I see you just released the outdoor version, which is great. But how is there such a large disconnect that the original Orbi still isn't working properly and yet new versions of the product are being released?


Darren, surely you must feel the pain. I want to help you and your team. Tell me who to contact that may be able to move mountains and I promise you i'll do my best.


Yes, i tried the 2.1.x beta firmware, it was worse than the with disconnect issues.

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Re: Orbi Team Contact Information

I agree, the Orbi software/firmware/app isn’t ready and still full of bugs. Contacting Netgear Dutch support phone isn't getting me any further then the basic; turn off/on, reconnect or it needs to be replaced.

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Re: Orbi Team Contact Information


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Re: Orbi Team Contact Information

It's the weekend, but beyone that are you going through the support channel?

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Re: Orbi Team Contact Information

I'm going on LinkedIn and finding people. I WILL get to the bottom of this crap.

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Re: Orbi Team Contact Information

Hello mumbles76


I understand your frustration with the Orbi issues that are happening and I have sent the engineers the threads and issues that the community has been reporting. They are aware and working on resolving the issues.



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