Orbi WiFi System


Orbi WiFi System

will the orbi system be nbn compatible? 

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Re: Orbi WiFi System

@jimv64 wrote:

will the orbi system be nbn compatible? 





the term NBN is specific to australia i believe , eg its called just fiber in other countries or vdsl , depending on what type of NBN you have


fttn is where the internet still uses the phone line and connects to whats called vdsl


fttp is where the tech comes in and installes whats called a NTD in your house and you connect ethernet to it


and there are a few other types called fixed wireless and sat and hfc all known as NBN in OZ




so the orbi can connect to


fttp direct ( if home phone isnt needed )


fttn needs a vdsl modem and then you can connect the orbi behind it


for more info on aussie NBN you should go to the australian broadband forun called whirlpool forums


and specifically the orbi thread


NETGEAR Introduces Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh system




as many factors errect australian broadband and the many ways it connects




btw you will find me on the modem / router section of whirlpool forum , i just dont want to confuse these forums with the connectivity specific to australia

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