Orbi WiFi System

Good afternoon everyone. I am new to this site so please be patient with me. 

I have everything working except for my wireless hp laserjet pro m201dw. I can not print from my iPad, iPhone, or any of my laptops. What am I doing wrong? 


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Re: Orbi WiFi System

I'm not familiar with that particular printer, but did you successfully add it to your Orbi network?  


I have a wireless Brother laser printer, and I just used the printer's own on-screen menu to add it to my wifi network (selected my SSID and ebntered password), and it then showed up as an available printer on all of my devices.  

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Re: Orbi WiFi System


no I have not been able to get it added to the orbi network. 

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Re: Orbi WiFi System

Did you follow the printer insturctions to connect it to the wireless? Was there any errors?


also, do you heave beamforming enabled on the orbi? If so, try without it, look at the advaced wireless options, there is a checkbox to turn it off.



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