Orbi Wifi Speeds Suck!

hello i have had the orbi for about a month now, wasn't having any issues until today.  when i went from no issues using wifi to now my speeds won't go higher then 19mbps.  i am paying for 150mbps, if i plug my laptop into the router the speed test show up to 220mpbs.  if i plug my laptop into the orbi router and do a speed test the speeds show 150-220mbps no issues.  once i try using any wifi devices, very slow.  i have tried power cycling both my router and modem.  i did the restore of the orbi modem, still crap.  this just randomly happened, the guy that called me was having me do everything that i have tried and it was very frustrating that nothing was working.  i need this fixed, how can the wifi just stop working or even just drop to poor levels?


Model:  AC3000 Tri-Band Wifi RBK50




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Re: Orbi Wifi Speeds Suck!

Wi-Fi uses radio waves.  You should investigate whether a new source of interference is causing your issue.  Did you introduce any new wireless devices recently? A wireless speaker or cordless telephone?  Did you run a Wi-Fi analyzer and take a survey of active Wi-Fi networks around you?  Maybe a neighbor added Wi-Fi and is now stomping on the same channel(s) used by your Orbi.


Of course, a bug in the Orbi is possible, too, but eliminate other, more likely factors first before pinning the blame on the Orbi.

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